BestSTART-SWS Research Platform

The BestSTART-SWS Research Platform is a multigenerational intervention hub study that will embed research activities into health services. The three main components of this platform are:

1. Intervention Hub: pregnant women and their partners will be invited to join the study. Participants will be followed from pregnancy through to when their children are 5 years of age. Throughout this time participants will have the opportunity to join a range of programs suited to their needs, with the aim of improving a diverse set of health outcomes for their whole family.

2. Biobank: If participants decide to join the biobank, some of their biological information will be used to better understand the early life determinants of chronic disease. The biobank data will focus on the investigation of:

(a) biological determinants,
(b) biomarker discovery, and
(c) translational research – untangling the complex interactions between biology and the environment which so often perpetuate cycles of disadvantage.

3. Data Observatory: the BestSTART-SWS databank will include the district’s routinely collected data as well as information gathered throughout the studies families take part in. The data observatory aims to link available health data for all children born in South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) so we can untangle the complex relationships leading to resilience and ill-health, map the trajectory of the district, and ensuring the district is at the cutting edge of big data, using it to inform services and solutions.